Remote Clearing

Remote Clearing

Never let your environment knock you down.

Occasionally we find ourselves feeling particularly down, bad tempered or just flat for no apparent reason.  This swing in mood can be attributed to external energies that attach themselves to us and wreak havoc with our mood.

Using dowsing techniques and positive intent, a series of crystals are placed upon the Sacred Geometry of the Shekinah Dove.

The effect is to eradicate the negative energies that sometimes trespass into our auric field.

Remote ClearingThe Sacred Geometry of the Shekinah Dove

 A Crystal Configuration is a simple, but very effective, process where ‘treatment’ is carried out remotely in order for the negative energies to be removed, allowing you to feel uplifted and ‘normal’ again. This is overseen for a period of time until balance is re-established.

This method of Remote Clearing can be used for Personal Space or a specific Location. So in the event that an address ‘feels’ odd or unpleasant it is possible to clear away the vibrational influences that affect that site.


‘I am quite a sensitive person and as such during the course of a normal month I can often find myself picking up on negative emotions from people around me. This can often leave me feeling tired, emotional or lacking in enthusiasm. I cannot tell you the effect that a simple call (or even text message) to Isy has for me. Once Isy ‘Puts me on the Dove’ I begin to feel whatever negative energy lifting from my being. I often don’t need to understand the reason for the shift… it just works!’
J.W.  Bristol


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