Past Life Exploration

Past Life Exploration

No matter how impossible it may seem, Balance can be achieved.

Many people feel that they carry or display traits and/or issues that seem to have no apparent origin. There are many schools of thought that believe in reincarnation and that we, at times, carry unresolved issues from one life to another.

These are sometimes referred to as Samscaras or ‘Barnacles on the Soul’ (a phrase coined by Sue Minns, author of Bodies and Souls) and can be as irritating and stubborn as barnacles.

Using a guided introspection to facilitate a Past Life Exploration, to access the deep memories held within the body, it is possible to confront the deep seated cause of an issue. This issue may not have originated in this life but in order to resolve it , one must understand the cause of this ‘barnacle’.

This process is similar to a ‘Journey’. Please allow up to 3 hours for this process.

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