Crystal Healing

Crystal healing

Crystal healing. bringing balance and harmony

Crystals are beautiful  to look at and wonderful to work with.  They have the ability to Transmit, Transform and Transduce energy.

Most Watches, Computers and TV’s will contain a Quartz crystal somewhere because  of the regular pulse of energy it can emit once it is stimulated by an electrical charge.

A Crystal can also absorb energy as well as change the frequency of that energy.

And remember the cover of the Dark Side of the Moon album, when light passes through a clear crystal it allows white light to be refracted (transduce) into all of its components therefore creating rainbows.

Crystal Healing is a therapy which utilizes the frequency of crystals to help to harmonise the energy field of the body. Whether we are feeling a bit low or out of balance or ungrounded, a Crystal healing can be very effective.

Using combinations of crystals and placing them at different sites on the body will allow the body’s energy field to be influenced by the purity of the crystal vibration.

Heavy stagnant energy is encouraged to flow again. Shut down Chakras will open and resonate again. Emotional issues are gently lifted, allowing the recipient to let go of old ‘stuff’ in a passive way.

Physical problems can be helped simply by bringing the energy system back to balance, which in turn allows the body to release old patterns and revert back to harmonious function.

A simple Crystal Balancing will assist the efficacy of other therapies such as homeopathy, there by saving time, effort and money.

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