Journey Process

Journey Process

Balance in the midst of chaos

A ‘Journey’ is a beautiful, potentially life changing, Guided Introspection bringing you face to face with the Light of your own Soul.

It was developed by Brandon Bays, who found herself on a Journey of Self Discovery which culminated in her own physical Healing.

A Journey process gently guides you down through the different emotional layers, to uncover those that drive each feeling. You find yourself diving into the part of you that has infinite wisdom, the part of you that will help you let go.

By helping yourself to set free the physical and emotional issues that have held you back, everything in your life can change.

Imagine being able to finally let go of all the emotional baggage or limiting health conditions and replacing them with forgiveness, peace and love.

I recommend that you read the book ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays before your appointment to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your session.

Also, I advise you to keep the rest of the day free after your Journey so that you can relax & nurture yourself, allowing the healing to continue gently and at its own pace.

A Journey can take up to 3 hours.

Testimonial Journey

I needed to make The Journey if I was going to pull myself out of clinical depression. It had to be someone who would see me safely through to the other side. Someone I could trust. I then met Isy. She’s a wonderful, caring person who gave me confidence to sit at my ‘Campfire’, face my crisis and who brought me through to the other side full of energy and joy. She remains a good friend, for which I thank her.


If you have any questions, why not give me a call now on +44 1752 216658 for an initial chat or email me via my contact form with ‘Journey’ in the subject line please.


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