Metaphysical Causes

Metaphysical Causes

Whatever the origin; Balance can be achieved.

All of our experiences in life can be attributed to Energy. Metaphysical causes are a result of the energy manifesting its self as a physical outcome.

For instance, problems with;
Right side = Personal view of self. Internal issues.

Left side = Perceived outlook of the world. External issues.

Front = What lies ahead as well as the part we face the world with.

Back = What lies behind us and how we believe others perceive us.

Head = Conflicted with Higher Energy/ Source.
Masculine drive in particular Logic and Reason.
Inability to bring creativity to fruition, and feel thwarted in their endeavors.
‘It’s doing my head in’ ‘This is a headache’ ‘Head on’ ‘Bringing things to a head’

Face = Fear of being themselves. Troubled by what they show to the world. Fear of their deep seated emotions being seen in their face.
‘Putting on a brave face’ ‘Face the music’ ‘Facing up to things’

Ears = Feeling misunderstood by people/world/life around them as well as not understanding what is going on in general.
They have been hurt by words in the past. They may feel separated /alienated from Source as a form of punishment for not conforming to or taking part in life. ‘Turning a deaf ear’ ‘Can’t hear myself think’ ‘Don’t want to hear’

Eyes = They need to distort what they see around them in order to keep themselves safe. They feel vulnerable at the thought of others seeing into their soul and so apply defensive screens.
‘Turning a blind eye’ ‘Blinkered to the truth’ ‘Looking into the window of my soul’

Nose = Irritation. Unable to distinguish truth from deception. Fear of being conned so find it difficult to trust anything.
‘Nose out of joint’ ‘In my face’ ‘Getting up my nose’ ‘Turning my nose up’

Mouth= generally associated with withholding words/ truth. Fear of speaking from the heart for fear of rejection.
Disappointed with life and feel it has left them with a bad taste in the mouth.
‘Biting my lip’, ‘Eating my words’, ‘Holding my tongue.’ ‘Eating humble pie’

Neck = When dealing with age old issues they become rigid and inflexible. Stubbornly refusing to get in touch with the true feelings of the situation for fear that it will consume them. Inability to look behind or beyond the situation
‘Pain in the neck’

Shoulders = shouldering the burdens of responsibility. Feeling overwhelmed by it all. They resent carrying the burden for others as well as for themselves and that they will never be free.
‘Shoulder to the wheel’ ‘Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders’

Arms = Difficulty in embracing life and all that it has to offer. This can lead to resentment and the desire to ‘push’ opportunities away. Fear of reaching out to others in case seen as weak or vulnerable.

Hands = Issues related to how they handle life and the events that affect them.
Conflicted about asking for or accepting a helping hand.
‘Sitting on my hands’ ‘Can’t handle things’ ‘inability to grasp things’

Fingers = Anxiety about handling the finer details.
‘It’s all in the detail’

Chest = The need to put up a good front. Issues relating to the heart centre and it’s expression. Fear of expressing themselves and so suppress in order to remain safe. Grief from loss can settle in the chest area. (This can be bereavement, or the loss of something valued)
‘Feeling heavy hearted’ ‘Head up shoulders back chest out’

Sciatica = Fear / worry over money. Either not enough or not deserving of money.
Fear of moving forward in major decisions. Fear that there is nothing to move forward to.
Fear of the future and how to integrate into the world.
Fear of misuse of power. Self or others.
Severely conflicted about and suppressed with regard to sexuality.

Right Hip = Intense conflict about how to connect and fit into the world.

Left Hip = Issues re; sense of belonging, connectedness and intimacy both sexual & non-sexual.

Pelvis = Fear of connecting to others at any deep level for fear of betrayal.
Made to feel ‘bad, wrong, evil’ for having personal power, desires, biological functions & sexual qualities.
Rejection of their deepest feelings and thoughts.
They are blocking their creative and procreative aspects of themselves.
Fear of moving forward and fear of life.
Afraid to stand on own and manifest their own individuality independence and self hood.

Right Pelvis = Power and success avoidance along with pattern of self suppression and possibly sexual shut down.

Left Pelvis = Deep seated shame and guilt about their needs, wants and desires along with conflicts over their sexuality.

Spine = Our core support from which all else hinges.

Upper = Responsibility for oneself and or others.

Middle = Emotional support. May feel disconnected from Love.

Lower = Inability to deal with the workings of living in the world. Money issues are the most common factor for these types of condition.

Legs = supporting oneself. Standing alone can seem impossibly painful.

Knees = Decision is looming and creating fear.

Feet = Anxiety and fear related to the future and decisions involving the future. Fear of stepping forward. Need to feel rooted and can therefore become rooted to the spot. ‘Best foot forward’ ‘Standing on my own two feet’ ‘Stand on my decision’


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